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Enter the deep galactic fight against hordes of Novas - denizens of blazing, burning, all-scorching light. You’re a wee denizen of darkness, an Umbra,  fighting to reclaim ground. The more Essence you gather from slain Novas, the more of your galactic home is restored. What will you find in the wreckage? How far are you willing to go to rediscover it?

Developed by Lizard Brain Games collective for Toronto Game Jam 2024. 

~ The Team ~

Devs: Caleb Boyle & Kyle Dell

Game & Narrative Design: Hannah Beatty

Art: Joel Boyle, Ace Mimio, Serena Valerio

Animation: Joel Boyle, Ace Mimio, Serena Valerio

UI: Serena Valerio

Music: Danny DaSilva, Trinn, Arachnid

Special Thanks: Shawn McKenna & Pepper


PLAY - Dark Nova 31 MB


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Sick!!! Highest score is 25 waves :0